Well I just want to say thank you for changing my country that i consider myself from my mother and father are both from there i now live in the United States born here yet i know my blood is the blood of my Guatemalan nature i cannot begin to say thank you i wish there was another word i could use but there isn’t one that exists that can show how i feel about this. In 2010 a ten year old me went to Guatemalan by myself to see my realatives and everyone there i hope one day i have enough money to pay for tickets to come here to the Land of the free so they see that this is what Guatemala is going to be in a few years. I simply cannot say thank you but more i can say that i will forever thank you for what you as an organization are doing and if possible i would like to let Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes how thankful i am for having an amazing Guatemalan there helping the country when i am going to try from afar from a nation that anything is possible.

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